Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the story of ishq e mamnu drama

 The rumantic story of drama ishq e mamnu

Rich widower Adnan Ziyagil lives in a mansion on the shore of Istanbul's  bosporus strait with his two children Nihal and Bülent, playboy Behlül,  who is a distant relative, and the children’s nanny Deniz. When Adnan  meets Bihter, a much younger woman, he suddenly falls in love with her.  Bihter is also a socialite couple’s daughter and agrees to marry him  thinking this as a form of revenge against her mother Firdevs who  fancies Adnan. The story takes a tragic end when Adnan discovers the  secret relationship between Behlül and Bihter, scaring Bihter into                   
 committing suicide and Behlül into running away


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