Tuesday, September 11, 2012

full story of rumantic drama ishq e mamnu

 Behlul lives with his uncle since he was a little boy, he’s parents died in a car accident. His uncle, who was been a widow for a while, falls in love with the much younger Bihter (she’s 25, he’s around 45) Behlul knows Bihter, because he used to date her sister Peyker, whom he played mind games with it, he didnt take their relationship serious, and it ended. Bihter and Behlul do not like each other in the beginning, Bihter thinks he’s an arrogant prick who plays all the girls and doesn’t care about anything but himself. (Behlul has quite a reputation, with the girls) Behlul thinks Bihter married his uncle for his money, because her family had a lot of debt due to her fathers death. He accuses her mother of selling her to his uncle, so he can pay their debts. Their both very rich families. His uncle marries her anyway, and things start to go well, Bihter and Behlul dont talk a lot, but try to get along as mature adults. His Uncle (Adnan) has a daughter and a son, his daughter Nihal has been in love with Behlul since she can remember, nobody knows, Behlul looks at her as his own sister. After a while, Behlul and Bihter bond .. and start to feel attracted to each other and that’s how it all starts.
At some point, Bihter’s mom Virdevs, who by the way is a very very smart women, that can see “things” others cant, she knew right away there was something between Bihter and Behlul, she could feel their chemistry. She also knew Nihal was in love with Behlul, so she manipulated Nihal, and told her Behlul felt the same way about her, everybody knew at some point, Adnan her father, too.
Behlul had no choice, but ask Nihal to marry him, this flipped Bihter off, she turned into someone he did not know. He was hurting her, it’s all he did most of the time ..  Bihter blaimed Behlul everything, we have a chance, we could’ve ran away together, we could’ve had a chance at happiness she told him, but he didnt have the guts to run away with her. He felt shame, and most of all guilty, towards his uncle, whom he loved as a father.
Behlul and Nihal got engaged, Behlul told Bihter that it was over, and that he would marry Nihal, and that’s how things were supposed to be. He was trying to forget his sins, by marrying Nihal, who was so pure and innocent, that it made him forget about his mistakes for a minute. Bihter couldnt handle their happiness, she knew Behlul
loved her, but he was a coward. A coward, who couldnt defend their love.
Behlul still loved Bihter, it was all over him, she knew it. But still, he could not man up, Bihter was dying inside. She was also carrying his child, but she had an abortion. The wedding was coming closer, she was seeing Behlul and Nihal holding hands, hanging out, kissing, everything. She was devasted, she was mentally dying.
At the end, one day before his wedding, she gives him a chance, to run away together, but he doesn’t take it.
She kills herself, in front of him and Adnan. She dies for love, and months later you can see him at her grave, asking for forgiveness. Telling her he loved her, always have, always will. That he is ashamed of himself, for being a coward, and a dissappointment.
Bihter kills herself because he couldn’t man up. She kills herself for love. Forbidden Love.


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