Saturday, March 23, 2013

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23 March Independence Day And PTI Procession

History Of 23 March:-
On 23 March the application to built the Pakistan was accepted.
23 March was originally supposed to commemorate the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan and thus the declaration of Pakistan as a republic.
So this day is so important for the Pakistani people. In Whole Pakistan the people of Pakistan enjoy the independence day with zeal and zest.
The government of Pakistan always gave the holiday to every part of the country to pleasure and celebrate this historical day.

 The Relation Between 23 March And PTI Procession:-
                                                                                             PTI, the party of Imran khan think that today at Independence day they will built the new Pakistan but the question arises that they will succeed to built the new Pakistan or not?
We can conclude the answer of this question by the resent procession of Pakistan Tahriq-e-Insaaf (PTI).

Second Biggest Procession Of Pakistan:- 
                                                                   PTI resent procession was the Biggest Procession of the history of Pakistan. you can see the crowed in the picture. There was almost 6 lakh people. So from this we can conclude the answer. May be it will be the 1st largest procession of the history of Pakistan.

INSHALLAH on this procession we develop the new Pakistan, The Pakistan of the Iqbal's Dream, The Pakistan of the Quad-e-Azam's struggle.
Imran Khan is the new hope for the Pakistani people.
INSHALLAH we will see the Muslim's patriotic spirit in this day which can develop new Pakistan


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