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Create a Shortcut to Enable/Disable Aero Transparency in Vista

Create a Shortcut to Enable/Disable Aero Transparency in Vista

In the interests of exposing all of the secrets in Windows Vista, I’ve decided to explain how to create a shortcut that turns on or off the transparency in Windows Vista. I don’t find this especially useful, but I’m sure it will be relevant to at least one of the readers.
This tip is nothing new, and seems to have been featured on dozens of sites recently, but there seems to be a misunderstanding… this mechanism will not turn off Aero or the compositing engine, it simply disables the transparency.
Manually Enable/Disable Aero Transparency
You can achieve the same result by right-clicking on the Desktop and choosing Personalize and then “Window Color and Appearance”

You should see the “Enable transparency” checkbox in this screen, which works immediately.
Create Aero Transparency Shortcut
Right-click anywhere and choose New \ Shortcut, and then enter in one of the following into the Location box to create the new shortcut.
how to create short cut
Turn Aero Transparency Off
rundll32.exe dwmApi #104
Turn Aero Transparency On
rundll32.exe dwmApi #102
For purposes of illustration, I’ve got the same screenshot with Aero transparency turned on and off… but I really am just trying to show off the fun Mario wallpaper.
With Aero Transparency On:
how to createAnd with Aero Transparency Off:



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